What. A. Week. I feel like I’ve hardly stopped to breathe and the past seven days have mainly consisted of me falling asleep with my head in my laptop around the 9pm mark. What can I say? Living the life! Starting a new role has been a steep learning curve, it’s a weird situation when you know everyone around you yet you haven’t got a clue what you are meant to be doing. Smile and nod anyone? Luckily I’ve got three weeks before I’m off on a jet plane so hopefully by that time I will have a better handle on things or at least an excuse to sit in the sun for two weeks. #sorrynotsorry

This Week I’ve Been…

Discovering a new cafe – throughout London there are a number of health focused cafes and restaurants sprouting up to serve you a fresh smoothie or juice in the mornings. My new favourite place is the Dextox Kitchen in Kingly Court by Carnaby Street. A bevy of fruity options with some delicious food on the side, what could be better?!

Getting makeup organised – it was a breakthrough moment when I found out about this Laura Mercier Palette. A chance for me to pop my two blushes into a streamlined casing and yes, I may be using this as an excuse to indulge in a third!

Caring for those puffy eyes – early starts, late nights all play havoc with tired and puffy eyes. To instantly combat those tell tale signs I’ve been reaching for the Skyn HydroCool Firming Gels. They instantly refresh under my eyes and helps fake those eight hours of sleep

Stocking up on sushi – you can’t go wrong with a visit to sushi mecca Yo Sushi. With their conveyor belt of treats constantly winging their way over to you it’s impossible not to enjoy the selection of dishes up for grabs. Tempura prawns anyone? I’ll have 4!

Sharing my post gym makeup face – post an intense class as Psycle the only thing that will help me to look more normal is to neutralise that red face with a bit of makeup. These are my essentials when I’m heading from the gym to the town and keeping things light, dewy and radiant help to distract from those red cheeks that refuse to go away

Dreaming about cocktails – if you are looking for a place thats different from the norm but has a fab rang of cocktails, head to Evans & Peel. A detective agency in Earls Court this gives a fun twist to a normal night of cocktails

Indulging in stripes – when it comes to stripes, head to COS. Their range of tops and jumpers all in varying degrees of stripes is enough to have any nautical lover hooked. Did I buy the same top in different colours? Yes. And I’m proud

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