fitness thoughts
fitness thoughts

With a holiday looming sooner then I actually realised, I’m finally getting my butt off the sofa and trying to reignite some sort of exercise routine. Trying to muster up the determination to set that alarm an hour early or ensure that after a long day at work you actually put that gym bag to use,  can be harder then you think. I thought today I would do a little lighthearted post about some of the thoughts that go through my mind when I try and get my body moving.

Before you go

  • This cookie is totally fine. I’ve got a gym classed booked in two days time and I’m going to boss it
  • Damn why did someone arrange drinks the night before my early morning class. It’s fine. I won’t drink much. Promise
  • What was the cancellation policy?

On the Day

  • This alarm needs to die. Why am I doing this to myself? I’m so not ready for this
  • I need better gym clothes. Reminder to self, buy new gym clothes so you want to work out more
  • It’s fine. I can do this. It’s only 45minutes and it will be over before I know it
  • If I’ve survived it before I can survive it today. Man up
  • Think of how epic you will feel afterwards. God I sound like a dick


  • I am going to own this class. Mark my words!
  • Why does everyone arrive so early? Keen beans – not cool man
  • I think I’ve forgotten how to move my body
  • Why does everyone look so much fitter and happier than me
  • I hate myself for doing this
  • I can’t breathe. I don’t think I will ever be able to breathe again
  • Stop saying that we are doing great. I don’t care. I am not great I am weak!
  • Wait a second, I am great! Look at my legs move
  • I own this. I’m on top of the world!


  • I am so hardcore for surviving that
  • Same time next week?
  • Feel those endorphins rise I am a hero
  • Damn I just stacked it. Useless tired legs