beauty sins

Although, throughout the years of writing this blog, I chime on about those beauty dos and don’ts, key things that everyone should stick to and vow to follow, it’s time to be honest. The majority of the time what I should do flies straight out the window in favour of comfort or sometimes sheer laziness #soz. Today I thought I would throw my hands up like I just don’t care and admit all those beauty crimes and sins that I commit. At the end of the day we are only human – no one can be perfect all the time right? ;)

  • I hardly ever wash my brushes on a weekly basis, it’s more like every…three!
  • I never moisturiser or clean my skin in upwards motions – I know it will help me to look youthful but it just never quite manages to happen
  • Taking my makeup off when I walk through the door is a struggle. I did this back in January but somehow this good habit has faltered
  • I keep beauty products for longer than I should. What can I say, some are just too pretty to throw away!
  • I rub at my eyes. A lot
  • I also touch my face. A lot
  • I sleep on my hands at night – don’t ask why but it always happens and causes my face to go all red and wrinkly in the morning
  • Keeping concealers hygienic is impossible. Are they ever clean? I honestly have no idea
  • Haircuts do not happen as often as they should, but then, whenever do they?
  • Heat protection spray may also not get used as much as it should

What are the beauty sin that you commit? Do you fall down at any of these hurdles?