origins serum

After sharing my fussy tenancy when it comes to serums I’ve decided to commit to that step in my skincare routine and pay more attention to those products that help to improve the quality of your skin. I’m not getting any younger (sob) so there is no time like the present to go on a serum spree and test out these sometimes illusive items that I’ve always been dubious over. Do they really make that much difference? Time to find out!

Serums can be a pricey addition and their list of ingredients and benefits can baffle even the most skincare savvy people. Before getting bogged down in technical jargon I figured it would be best to start with a brand that I already love – Origins. Their latest release happens to be a serum and comes in the form of their Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb*. Part of their #QuaterLifeCrisis campaign this serum is targeted to help reverse those signs of aging that happen to us when we start hitting our late 20s (double sob). Combating lackluster skin, uneven pores and any rough areas, this really is a multipurpose diamond product that fixes a multitude of skincare woes.

I’ve been incorporating this into my daily routine, morning and night, for the past to weeks to see if this can really help with my #QuarterLifeCrisis. Although I can’t report anything groundbreaking (might be my cynical serum mind) this does leave my skin look plump and refreshed. Pores are pores in my eyes and will be there no matter what you do to them, however I can report that my skin does look more vibrant and feels happy. It sinks in without feeling tacky on the skin and anything that keeps my skin looking and feeling happy is worth it in my books!

Have you tried out this latest serum launch? What are your favourites to use?

*pr sample