#53 – an entire year has passed me by and I didn’t even notice! It’s so easy for the weeks and months to play out in front of you without actually noticing how much time has passed. Wasn’t it only yesterday I was donning a gold glitter liner on my lids for NYE!? Even my ‘Sunday Share’ feature has been bubbling under the surface for an entire year now, madness. This week I’ve been getting my head around the fact it’s actually light in the afternoon. Might just be me but whenever there is sunshine and happiness in the air, I loose the ability to concentrate. Something about rather being by a river with a Pimms in my hand that sat at my desk reading emails – that might have something to do with it ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Baking up a storm – on Thursday at work we did our own department charity bake off for Red Nose Day. There were cakes galore and I whipped up a batch of maple & pecan cupcakes and some shortbread which turned out to be a bit of a best seller!

Discovering the latest launches at Boots – everyone knows it’s impossible to go to Boots and leave with just one thing. Wanting to try out some of the latest launches I went a little spend happy and picked up some new bits that will be on the blog next week :)

Ogling bread – aren’t carbs just beautiful! A new bakery has opened up in town that does a range of delicious fresh baked goods. My personal favourite is their spelt and honey loaf which is utterly scrumptious when paired with a poached egg and some avocado

Indulging in steak – heading out for dinner with old work friends means one thing and one thing only, steak. This is the first time I’ve been to MASH and from it’s super swanky decor, expansive menus paired with some fantastic sides, all I have to say is when can I go back again?!

Sharing tapas with friends – I know, two dinners out in one week – who do I think I am?! If you are looking for a good tapas restaurant or find yourself around Clapham Junction make sure you head to Lola Rojo. Their menu is brimming with Spanish cuisine and there wasn’t a bad dish in sight

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