diy manicure

Alongside baths and face masks, Sundays are also the day I indulge in a spot of a DIY manicure. I’m not overly fussy when it comes to my nails, opting for a shellac most months to save on hassle and chips, when it does come to me applying a lacquer from home it usually ends up being a slapdash approach. Midweek – who has time? Come Sunday however you will spy me rummaging through my manicure tools prepping for a DIY pamper session for my nail beds.

When I am going for the full treatment I start with the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. A fuss free gel this works away to break up your cuticles enabling you to quickly and easy remove that unwanted skin. For any stubborn areas I go in with a cuticle tool that trims away anything that the gel couldn’t budge. Next up comes shaping, if my nails are long I give them the snip with the Tweezerman Nail Clipper Set and finish off with a glass nail file to neaten up the edges trust me once you have gone glass, you will never go back!

Before going in with lacquers and polishes I give my nails some TLC with the Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen*. Swiping the product over the base of my nail and rubbing in this helps to strengthen the nail whilst reducing any breakages or splits. Now it’s time to get painting! Starting with the CND Stickey Base Coat you can ensure your polish will stand the test of time thanks to this adhesive base. Recently I’ve been giving the new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polishes a whirl and once dry I follow up with a Seche Vite Top Coat to lock everything in place. Depending on the polish of choice this manicure will usually be standing strong a week later ready for me to pickup my tools and do it all again!

*pr sample