perfect bath

Full disclosure – todays delayed and self pitying post comes from a place that is slightly fuzzy and pretty sore. This is what happens when I go out for a ‘quiet night’ and instead find myself shimming my way around a dance for at 3am in the morning pretending to be a shark. Don’t ask. On Sundays like these it’s all about the RNP – recuperation, Netflix and PJs. Kicking things off with the most important part, recuperation, it’s time to run myself a bath, slather on a face mask and soak away my tired feet from the night before.

To get those bubbles going and relaxing scents brewing I reach for my all-time favourite Lush Bubble Bar – the Comforter. Breaking off even the smallest bit to crumble underneath the flowing water creates a tub full of bubbles inviting you to dip your toe in. On days like today I also add in a couple of drops of the Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil* as the mix of camomile and sandalwood help me to drift off and unwind. For that ultimate soak scatter in a handful of The Bathory Salts* to really help your muscles to relax.

For my face it has to be the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask thanks to it’s detoxifying qualities. After 10 minutes my skin is rebalanced and any areas of sensitivity or redness are reduced. I also like to give my body some TLC with the Origins Incredible Spreadable Ginger Body Scrub*. Not only does this smell seriously incredible it’s a scrub that you can smooth onto your skin life a body lotion to buff away dead skin cells and any tell tale fake tan marks from the night before.

Completed with my Diptyque Vanille Candle and one too many guilty pleasure episodes of Gossip Girl, I arise from the bath like a new person ready to dive straight into a fresh pair of pyjamas. Now all that’s left to do is snuggle up  in the safety of a soft blanket whilst watching the day go by with yet even more, you guessed, Netflix time ;)

*pr sample