skincare routine pm

After you’ve arisen from your sleepy slumber it’s time for your morning skincare routine following by makeup before you rush out the door. Forward the clock 10/12/14 hours depending on how the day goes and it’s time to undo all that hard work before you snuggle down into your sheets. The evening routine is where my skin gets most of it’s nourishment and care, even though it may not look that complex and fancy these products do a fab job and caring for my complexion whilst keeping blemishes in check.

At the very beginning the focus is always on makeup removal. Adequately washing away the layers of foundation, concealer, shadow and powder applied 10 hours previous, this is the stage where I spend the majority of my time to ensure every last drop has been removed from my skin. After dabbling in eye makeup removers, balms and creams, the most effective product I’ve found comes from The Body Shop. Their Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil breaks down makeup, stubborn mascara and liner to leave behind a clean base ready for cleansing. Considering I’m already on my second bottle it shows how much this silky oil has quickly become an evening skincare staple.

Following the removal stage comes the cleanser stage. Opting for a deep clean I like to invest a little more on the product to ensure my skin gets all the attention it needs. Again, I’ve dabbled in a fair few products but new recent fav comes from Oskia and there Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Gel like in consistency this melts into an oil to cleanse your skin whilst leaving it radiant and glowing. Paired with The Body Shop oil this leaves my skin clean, not stripped, whilst ensuring sensitive areas aren’t irritated causing breakouts.

Next I should be singing the praises of my favourite serum and eye cream but at the moment I just go in with the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. Ya know what? That’s okay. This extremely pricey yet gorgeously lux oil covers all bases to leave my skin hydrated and repaired overnight. It smells divine, apples a dream and you will catch me sharing my love for this until the cow comes home. Quite a simple routine on reflection, featuring only three key products, but they get the job done and leave my skin in tip top shape.