Does anyone else feel physically overwhelmed by beauty? Never ending collections, launches, new brands and latest fads. We all seem to be on this conveyor belt of excess where purchasing always sits at the end. I have a pretty expansive makeup collection, yes I daily blog but this isn’t my job. Instead I’m just a girl with a hella lot of makeup and sometimes that feels pretty overwhelming. There is just So. Much. Stuff. I could go an entire month wearing a different foundation each day, I have enough polishes to paint individual nails on my hands & feet three times over and my eyeshadow collection is enough to feed a small army of beauty fanatics. Although hardly anything gets used up, I keep buying more.

I love it, that’s enough justification right? Or maybe this consumerism world is just getting a tad too much. Although I rationalize each new purchase I make, ‘it’s for the blog’ or ‘I promise I don’t own anything like it already’ looking at it all sat next to each other it’s clear to day it’s excessive. I know it’s not normal to stare at four different powders each morning wondering which one to grab to set my makeup for that day ahead. Shall I use that bronze shadow pencil for my lids or that same shade but in a liquid, gel or cream format?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to say we should bin it all and starting rocking makeup free looks daily, but I do wonder where this is all going. How much is too much and will this race for beauty fame end? I’ve already found myself reaching for less makeup on a daily basis, opting for more streamlined and natural looks however that hasn’t translated to my collection. Why are you keeping that sparkly blue Bourjois shadow you bought when you were 15? Nostalgia surly doesn’t run that deep.

The need to streamline is now, whether this results to products being donated or simply re-organising so my daily picks are less overwhelming. I’d love to hear whether you feel the same way, how do you stay on top of it all? Is such thing really possible and as a community will we ever stray from this innate need to buy the latest product no matter how many dupes we have stashed away? How can you stop being tempted by the latest release when it’s all just so darn beautiful ;)