Let’s talk about grey hairs. That tell tale sign you’re getting old and that no matter what you do the clock keeps ticking on by. I’ve seen a couple of people recently share their shock and horror at the sighting of a possible grey strand lurking amongst their luscious locks. Why is it that something that eventually happens to everyone has become such a taboo subject? Has this always been the case or is it that we have be pushed to hide our grey strands thanks to society and pressures to remaining looking young.

Back when I was around the early to middle twenties age bracket I was visiting the hairdressers only to be informed by the stylist that I had a grey hair. She was in shock, not even joking here but aside from that I already knew. Instead of her brushing past the fact or ignoring it’s existence we proceeded this groundbreaking moment in a state of awarkard silence whilst she asked whether she should leave it or pull it out. I went for leave it.

I regularly get my hair dyed so this sighting didn’t faze me in the slightest, instead my shock came from the reaction of the stylist. So what? It may be grey but it’s still my hair. Thanks for pointing out the fact I’ve been in a busy and in stressful job that’s taking its toll on my tresses. Are we really in a community where we have to point out each others ‘flaws’ or aging signs because as a society we fear them?

Yes I didn’t call up all my friends and declare the news to them, but at the same time I wasn’t overly bothered. Is that wrong? Are we meant to panic and deliberate over every grey strand we find? I say sod it. Grey is grey and it really isn’t the end of the world. Dye it, pluck it, frame it for all to see. There is this innate fear of growing older, when you are 12 all you want to be is that grown up woman walking to a work whereas as soon as the clock strikes 12am on your 18th birthday you are referred to as old. Aging – I say embrace it. Thank you body for all those fantastic years it’s given you and if I could look half as good as my mum when I am her age I won’t be complaining.

I have grey hairs! Whoops sorry was I not meant to say that? ;)