With February being a short month it feels like we are on the cusp of March, Spring and potential sunshine. Considering I used to always be a Winter bunny it’s a change for the books that I now find myself longing for the warmer weather and light nights – nothing like being able to leave the office when it’s actually light outside! This week involved a Wednesday treat comprising of dinner and an overdue catchup with my friend Julie (who some of you may know from her old blogging days!) We headed to Brasserie Zédel and opted for their fantastic fixed menu complete with steak haché which was delicious. I highly recommend going and considering the location and quality of the food – the prices are extremely affordable.

This Week I’ve Been…

Buying fancy candles – the time has come when I’ve lost all sense of reason and handed over the money for my very first Diptyque Candle. I know, long overdue but so so worth the wait. It’s currently sitting prize of place on my chest of draws and whether it’s lit or not, the scent engulfs the room leaving the most beautiful fragrance behind

Hiding behind oversized scarfs – for some reason as soon as I have one late night I end up shattered for the rest of the week. It’s like some cruel trickery that as soon as I attempt to hold my social life together I pay the price by ending up like a zombie the next day. Best way to mask tired eyes? Hide behind a big oversized scarf!

Makeup Menu – a fuss free makeup menu for this Saturday which will mostly be spent in a salon getting my hur did’ ;) The Dior BB Cream is one of my all time favourite bases and is perfect for a natural and fuss free finish that lasts all day

Valentine’s Day Gifts – yes, I get Valentine’s day gifts from my mum *spoilt alert* but who can complain when they include a cute heart shaped dish, a framed picture of sweet love hearts and also the Deliciously Ella Recipe Book. Anyone for sweet potato brownies?

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