Snow. Wind. Rain. Sunshine? It’s all happened this week with the cold really taking my breath away, so much so there is a sneaky cold rearing it’s ugly head on the horizon. How selfish of it! A week into February you can feel the January blues begin to wash away ever so slowly. At this time of the year, with the dark nights and dull mornings, it can be hard to stay positive and motivated. The more you wonder if Spring really exists you’ll blink and next thing you know it will be Easter with thoughts of January becoming a distant memory. Oh life!

This Week I’ve Been…

Exploring new cafés – who wants to visit a lifeless big chain café when you could spend a morning watching the world go by in a unique new establishment. This is what I did last Saturday at the Robin Craft Cafe. With homemade china and delicious slices of cake it’s the perfect place to escape from a rainy day

Delving into the world of tea – I don’t like hot drinks. I know, who am I? It’s a fact that I’ve dealt with all of my life however over the past few months I’ve started dipping my toe into herbal teas. This nifty tea cup with strainer housed a rich jasmine concoction that was just scrumptious. Hot drinks I’m coming for ya!

Indulging in a Friday morning treat – surly surviving four days at work is a good enough excuse to pick yourself up a sneaky treat? This is what I did yesterday with a Vanilla Bean Crosstown Doughnut that was truly delicious

Eyeing up brush matts – no one enjoys the task of washing their brushes however after spying this invention over on Sigma Beauty’s Instagram page I may just have to swallow up the US delivery charges and pick one up

Watching the start of the Six Nations – what better way to watch the start of the Six Nations then snuggled up in bed with a hot water bottle and blanket? Stay away from the cold and get the best view in the house to watch England bring home the victory

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