michael kors fake tan

You know those days when you realise that the Vitamin D levels in your body have diminished, your once pale skin is starting to verge onto the spectrum of translucent and you just need a hit of colour to keep you away from looking like you need resuscitation? (Dramatic, me? Never!) Traditionally at this point I would head to my holy grail fake tan Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe. That was until my levels of lazy kicked up a gear and the thought of needing to exfoliate, apply the night before and spend the weekend smelling like biscuits was just too much faff that I was willing to deal with.

Step in the Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner. Not only does this win the trophy of most ambiguous instructions ever it also has managed to knock my HG tanner off the top spot. Impressive aye? Now I still don’t quite understand whether this is a semi permanent tan or wash off (at the moment I’m hedging my bets on semi permanent) however I do know that it gives the most gorgeous colour that amps up those golden tones without making you look like an extra from TOWIE.

Not just that, this develops within an hour (I kid you not). All you need to do is blend the product into the skin where you want those sun kissed tones to be and voila the job is done. I apply this with my hands as the tan is super moisturising and sinks into the skin without leaving areas patchy or streaky. Refraining from that tell tale fake tan scent, this has me wanting to keep the glow going all year round.