tanya burr, lush, diptyque, real techique
tanya burr, lush, diptyque, real techique

It is incredible how much money you save by not having a social life. So much so that someone should write a book about it, the best savings technique according to those with little or nonexistent social lives ;) Yes your weekends may be slightly dull (actually, thats a lie, nothing about Netflix is ever dull) however those pennies once spent on travel, food and drinks can be put towards candles, bubble bars and lashes! Okay I jest – this isn’t about turning your life focus to material things, instead it’s more an ode to that little bit of money I saved away following a pretty quiet January that resulted in the above haul. Yay new things!

Kicking things off with the necessary: thanks to my much loved Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil running out it was time to put something new to the test. What’s that super luxe oil that’s been on my wishlist for forever? Ah yes the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial! Yes I didn’t realise the insane cost until I got home cough £46 for 15ml compared to Aurelia’s £45 for 100ml however there is no denying this stuff is gorgeous. From the scent to the packaging and then how it feels on my skin, everything about it is luxury and my skin drinks it up.

My second overindulgent purchase and nowhere near necessary is finally a Diptyque Vanille Scented Candle. I say finally as yes this is my first Diptyque candle, I know, call myself a beauty blogger?! Surprises aside I had never quite found a scent that I loved enough to part with the cash, that was until my nostrils came across Vanille. Rich, warm and like a hug from the air, this smells utterly divine and already has be put to good use.

From the drugstore comes a brush, some lashes and more bath treats for my mum to tut at. Starting with the brush I picked up the latest and greatest from RT in the form of their Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush. Densly packed and shaped perfectly for the hollows of your cheeks, this is thee best friend for those that love to contour. Another YouTubers paradise I caved and got the Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter False Lashes. My ability to put on lashes is still laughable however after these have been sung many praises I figured it was about time to try them out!

The final two additions come from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection. Oh yes, a unicorn horn and a brightly coloured star! The Lush Unicorn Horn not only is one of the best designed bubble bars I’ve seen, it contains lavender and neroli to fill your bathroom with the balancing and calming fragrances whilst your tub is left full of glitter ;) Then we have the Lush Floating Flower Bath Bomb with jasmine and ylang ylang oils whizzing round your bath this gives off gorgeous colours and a delectable scent. Shopping trip DONE!