It’s official – the first week back to work is done and dusted. This was one of the toughest weeks and it’s clear to see that January blues hit everyone hard. Last night when the clock struck 6.30pm I was determined to get onto the first train home, exciting Friday night plans looming? Nope I was just that desperate to get into my pjs and snuggle up with a blanket to watch Gossip Girl whilst I drift off to a slumber. I know, I’m wild ;) The rest of the weekend is going to be spend hibernating and avoiding the fact it happens all again next week!

This Week I’ve Been…

Indulging in pampering baths – after going wild in the Lush sale last weekend was all about the baths. With candles, bubbles, delectably scented rooms, it was pretty hard to get me out of the tub!

Snapping the Natural History Museum – the last hurrah before going back to work was a day out to the Natural History Museum. Filled with dinos and queue (cheers London) it was nice to explore what this grand building has to offer

Visiting my shopping mecca – ah H&M home you simply are incredible. Filled with trinkets, rose gold goodies and all at a affordable price point it’s hard not to buy everything on display

Snuggling up – one of my Christmas presents was this super thick and snuggly dressing gown that I almost wore to work on Monday morning. It has ears and helps block out the cold Winter chill, no one would mind me wearing it on the tube…right?!

Eating the best brunch ever – food is fuel and it makes it all the better when it looks as delicious as this. I won’t give too much away as this will be shared in an upcoming new feature (oer) but stay tuned as this is something you won’t want to miss

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