Shock horror it’s a 2014 photographic roundup! Although today you get the visual delights from the past year, my lifestyle look back will be coming to you as part of ‘Best of Week’ from Monday bet you’re excited ;) Instead, the first ‘My Week In Pictures’ post of 2015 contains a few snippets of the past week (and last 12 months) delicately compiled into a collage. From holidays to day festivals and something me and my friends like to call nail party, I’ve spent the past year working my butt off online and off whilst trying to navigate through a city life in your twenties. Who knows what the future holds – let’s just hope at some point there is a photo op :)

This Week I’ve Been…

Pancakes – you think I would be sick of food considering my indulgence levels over the past two weeks but no siree bring on more! When finding ones self in a Bills on a Sunday brunch time perusing the menu to realise they have never tried the infamous Bills pancakes, one must order some! Order I did and wow – they are truly scrumptious.

White Christmas – hands down my all time favourite Christmas film is the classic White Christmas. It’s the film I’ve seen the most, watch each and every year without fail whilst singling along pretending I could dance like Judy. This Monday I went and saw it live in the West End and although the story was slightly altered it was simply magical.

Shopping the Sales – don’t worry I’m not mad enough to hit the shops Boxing Day however you will find my scouring the lengths of Westfields come the weekend ;) Checking out the bargains from the likes of COS and Whistles whilst buying out all remaining festive bath bombs from Lush. It’s a tough life ;)

Jersey Boys – continuing down the theatre streak last night I went to see Jersey Boys in Piccadilly. Not knowing much about Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons I was surprised by how many tracks I recognised. The voices are the cast were incredible and I was hooked from start to end. Now I just need to find a way to get my hands on cheap theatre tickets to see more!

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