at home fitness

Fitness. That big scary word that when January comes, everyone starts throwing it around and promising to do more of. It’s easy enough to blurt out but how do you squeeze in three sessions that help tone and work out your body when you spend 10 hours in a day in an office, 2 hours commuting and 1 hour sitting in your bed dumbfounded that you alarm has already gone off again? Although I’ve dabbled in gym memberships, running coach apps and personal trainers, some of the most effective exercise can be done in the comfort of your own home. This are my favs and help you to keep on working out when you don’t want to venture outside.

Kettlebells – those big looking weight things that can be used to engage your core, tone your glutes and strengthen your arms. I bought mine from Powerhouse Fitness and opted for a purple 8kg weight as it’s what I’ve used before and is a weight I am comfortable with. If you haven’t tried a kettle bell before I would recommend speaking to someone at a gym or a trainer to find out what weight works best for you, you don’t want to injure yourself on the first try! There are a number of YouTube videos featuring kettle bell routines but these are some of my favs from those gorgeous girls over at Tone It Up.

Kettle Toning | Kettlebell Beginner Workout | Love Your Body with Kettlebells

Dumbbells – the more traditional at home weight apparatus these have been going since the 60s workout videos that recommend you grab a dumbbell or a can of beans! Again mine are from Powerhouse Fitness and I picked up the 4kg weights. Same as the kettlebell, this is a weight that I’m comfortable with and have used before, safety first people! In terms of routines or videos you can either opt for a dumbbell specific workout or incorporate them into a Yoga or Pilates routine to help strengthen your core and arms.

Tank Top Arms Workout | One Dumbbell Total Body Workout | Applause Arm Workout

Resistance Bands – a stretchy piece of material these come in a variety of lengths, strengths and shapes to give you a total body workout. Mine is the 1.5m x 15cm band in light, used to help stretch out my arms and legs this not only tones but helps to prevent my muscles from locking up and becoming tight. With workouts again you can either opt for a complete resistance band routine or incorporate them into your current workout to help stretch out your core.

Beautiful Body Pilates Workout | Total Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout | Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Obviously – I ain’t no fitness guru! But if you are looking to fit in workouts around a busy schedule, want to see what can be done from the comfort of your own home or just want to try out resistance training more these videos are a great place to start :) And yes, I burnt my trainer in the process of taking this photo! Good one *doh*