New Year – New Beginnings. A moment of time passes and in that instant one year gets left behind as a new one with unknown possibilities and adventures sits ready and waiting. To mark this change I’m sticking with tradition and sharing a resolution style post. My chance to take a step back, reflect over the past 365 days whilst looking forward to the New Year and what opportunities it might bring. As this is my fifth resolution post say whaaat I’ve also included snippets from the past four years, my how times have changed!

In 2011 (my first resolution post) I vowed to go back to the gym doesn’t everyone, be more impulsive, improve my skincare routine and work on a better makeup storage solution – tick!

As we rung in 2012 I had long brown hair and resolved to improve my posture (whoops that should still be on the list!) I promised to look after my hair before chopping it all off and start shopping the stash to rediscover old beauty loves.

When the clock struck 2013 I was blonde! I also had given up on resolutions as zero graced my blog for the year – doh! My focus instead was to do more things for me, I spent a lot of time travelling between Bournemouth & London so I promised myself to refocus my priorities.

Rolling back to a year ago, as 2014 begun I talked about how Blogging had transformed as an industry. With a demanding job and an attempt at a social life it was all about balance and working out how to dedicate enough time to both. I also side stepped the resolutions in favour of keeping an open mind for any opportunities that 2014 may bring.

Now we are stilling pretty in the new sparkly 2015 – what are my big plans thus far? After a pretty impressive indulgence verging into the excess category over Christmas, it’s back to the *gulp* attempt at healthy eating and dusting off the old kettle bell. I want to try and travel more with friends and also make the most of the gorgeous cities and towns on my doorstep. 2015 for me will be about experiences – not those things you can buy or hold but those moments that will keep you smiling for a lifetime.

In terms of my blog it’s up to you guys! I would love to know from you what you would like to see more of in 2015. I’ve started introducing more lifestyle posts over the past few months and would love to know what your favourite posts to read. Who knows what these next 12 months will hold but here’s to the fifth year of A Girl and a Beauty Blog!