new eye brushes

The other week I had a sudden urge to replace my eye brushes. Why? I can’t lie there was no reasoning behind the decision, I just got complacent with my current picks and felt the need to add a couple of newbies into the mix. Daily eye brushes get a lot of use, to pack on colour to the lid and blend out through the crease, they are some of my most reached for brushes so I knew I wanted to get something that would stand the test of time.

After having my eye on …eye…geddit? the Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush I knew that would be my first port of call. The second brush was just pure coincidence ;) Although I have a plethora of blending brushes there was something about this tapered dome shape that stood out from the crowd. Fluffy, super soft and just the right density to blend away any harsh lines, I’ve only had it a week and it’s already love. Sitting proud as my second Bobbi Brown brush I’m hooked, the bristles are fab at blending and their long handles prevent you from being too heavy handed whilst applying product.

The second brush comes from Louise Young in the form of her LY39 Doomed Shadow Brush. Made with natural hairs this packs on colour without being too dense allowing for softer application. Perfect for daily use this helps to keep the lid looking natural whilst the colour is applied. Teamed with the Bobbi Brown Blender they make the perfect eye duo. One to pop on the colour and one to smoke it out – two step eye makeup routine done!