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Money. As soon as you need some *proof* those extra pennies you thought you had stowed away seem to vanish in front of your eyes leaving you grabbing for the nearest calendar to see how long you have until pay day. A never ending circle of balancing responsibilities, payments and a social life with the money you have coming in each month can be a constant struggle. I’m at the age where savings, mortgages and ‘the serious stuff’ are getting more important with each birthday that goes by. Saying that, I still find banks mind boggling!

Knowing how to save and where you should put your money can be a tough decision, all the technical jargon has me heading for the opposite direction. What’s so wrong with keeping your savings in a tin in the shed aye? ;) Luckily the guys over at Halifax have put together a great resource of short yet informative videos to help us understand that bank talk. Want to know what a Cash ISA is? Take a look at this video that explains it in less than 20 seconds – impressive!

Once you’ve got your head around where to pop your savings, the next task is getting those extra pennies together. I’ve got a few tips and tricks that have helped me over the years to squirrel away some money for when a gals just gotta treat herself. Starting off with pay day – to see how much I have to live off I first remove the money I need for bills. Next up is some money to put into my Cash ISA, whatever is left gets split between the number of weeks until my next pay day and that’s what I live off.

Day to day I try to manage my monies by utilising store cards (hello Space Nk and Boots points!) and also companies that offer a loyalty scheme such as Blink. Fifth eyebrow thread for free? Don’t mind if I do! Beauty products are always in lust therefore I try and hold off on a new purchase until it’s been a few days. Not thought about that item in your wish list? Save the pennies and put it towards that item you just can’t stop thinking about! Thanks to Halifax those confusing bank terms are now in easy to understand videos meaning if you are saving for your next holiday, wondering what your overdraft is or need to know more about mortgages, they have you covered.

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