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Since my very first post went live here on AGAAB a lot has changed. The name, the logo, the design and even the person behind the blog. It all started back in the Summer of 2010, I had finished my degree at Bournemouth and was about to embark on a masters course. After being on YouTube for a handful of months (oh yes I started that before blogging!) I plucked up the courage to brave the written world and set up this beauty haven.

Since then I’ve moved roughly seven times, been a student and graduated (twice) before becoming an intern and now having a full time job. Across those five years I’ve tried and tested a number of different tools and methods to help keep me organised. Daily blogging has been consistent for the past two or so years and without a good routine it would be impossible to keep up. Although I have a few tools I rely on, I wouldn’t be able to keep blogging alongside all this change if it wasn’t something I truly loved. Before I get too emosh – onto the tips!

Make the Most of the Light – Thanks to the lack of light in the UK I’ve always taken my photos at the weekend. Throughout the week I think about what needs to be photographed, pull out the required products into a handy basket before setting up a bulk photo session. The light isn’t always on your side, and not all the photos get used, but it’s always handy to have a stash of photos ready for you to edit or inspire you for your next post.

Plan Ahead – Although a lot of people are advocates of content plans and blogging two months (or more!) in advance, I like to keep things a bit more spontaneous. I have a Google Docs spreadsheet where I track all my posts an idea from a fellow bloggers whose name for the life of me I can’t remember – sorry! that allows me to jot down upcoming posts and ideas. Keeping it online allows me to not only access it on the go, I can also change my mind whenever I want. I also like to colour code posts based on category to help me keep content fresh and interesting.

Don’t be too Strict – When you blog daily, you have to cut yourself some slack. Weekday posts will be coming to you live at 7am each day however at the weekends my posts fit in with me. Yes this may cause inconstancy but I’m only human and sometimes a girls gotta have a lie in! I also find this allows me to be more natural with the posts I upload. For example, if I’ve had a heavy night keep your eyes peeled for a detoxing mask routine that will most likely be published around noon ;)

Schedule, Schedule Schedule – Without the ability to schedule I don’t think there would be any bloggers! Back in the day posts went live as soon as you had finished the last sentence however now content is more structured and planned to fit in with readers habits. I use WordPress to schedule my blog posts and Hootsuite to schedule my Twitter and Facebook posts. With Instagram however you’ll get a breakfast snap as soon as that dish is being devoured!

Be Honest – At the end of the day we are only human. I am very honest about the fact I work full time and because of that I may not be as present online compared to other full-time bloggers. When I go on holiday I share this with you and either my posts take a break with me or like I did when I went to Vegas, I posted about my trip each day. What’s beautiful about blogs is the person behind them and don’t be afraid to share a down day. Sometimes my most honest posts are the best – not everyone can be a beauty worded machine 365 days a year :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve recently created a ‘Blogging Tips’ category – check back for snippets of how I organise blogging, what tools I use and how I plan out my content. If you have any questions or anything you would like to know feel free to comment below or Tweet me @girlbeautyblog with what you would like to know!