deep sleep range

I like sleep. No wait let me rephrase that. I love sleep. Snuggling up under a duvet, resting your head onto a soft and fluffy pillow. Utter bliss. When you have a demanding job, struggle to switch off and need to ensure those precious hours are utilised, it can be beneficial to use an aid to help you drift off to that precious land nod. Personally, I’ve looked on at sleep products dubiously, is it all really just a gimmick? Instead of judging I pushed my inner cynic aside, all in the name of testing!

One of the most well known and popular sleep ranges at the moment is the range from This Works. Comprising of a spray, roller ball, candle and even a baby centred item there is something for everyone. Even better, they also come packaged up and available in minis, gift sets or individually which is fab when you are looking to tryout the range. Starting with the classic This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, spritz onto your pillow before you jump into bed and you will be able to breathe in the soothing and calming aromas. What’s great is this doesn’t overpower the space meaning you get the benefits as your drift off as opposed to feeling engulfed by lavender (always a worry!)

If you’re looking to amp up the relaxation levels then grab their This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less. Harnessing Eucalyptus and Lavender Oil your senses are calmed whilst your breathing relaxes allowing you to clear your head whilst nervous tensions wash away. I pop this on when I’ve had a particularly stressful day to help keep the calm senses flowing. Picked up in the sale for those Sunday night pamper sessions is the This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle. A blend of essential oils and soothing camomile fills the room helping to ease that pressure from your mind and body. Pack all three together and let’s just say you may end up sleeping through your alarm ;)