Following on from three jumper packed posts filled with oodles of beauty favourites I thought I would switch up the tide and shift the focus from my makeup collection onto…myself! Nothing like a bit of self indulgence aye ;) One major change that 2014 brought was a new job – same industry (and long hours) however new location and bigger team. Now almost past the sixth month point it’s been a hard old slog but well worth it. You can’t complain with a view like that of the Shard now can you!

2014 also brought the birth of nail party. Three friends, 30 fingers, an hour of pamper time followed by many hours of brunch, drinks and girly gossip. Perfection! You may have also noticed that my gormless mug appeared on the uber stylish and chic Vivianna Does Makeup Blog. Part of her Beauty Bag series, aka spending a Sunday with a plate full of pancakes, we chatted all things beauty followed by a sneaky shopping spree, would be rude not to! Back in August I also revisited my old Uni stomping ground of Bournemouth. Beautiful sunshine, fantastic people and a cider tent on the beach filled with a photo booth. What bank holidays are made for right?


Rolling back to May I boarded a jet plane to fly over the ocean straight to Sin City aka Las Vegas. Less Sin and more poolside and cocktails, my mum and I indulged in over a week of dinners, theatre shows and too much shopping. All thrown in with a helicopter ride it was an utterly brilliant holiday and made me certain Las Vegas is my spirit city!


What do you do when you come back from one of the best holidays in your new favourite location? Book to go back again! Madness I know but hey Kayne was right, YOLO (I’m sorry). It’s not everyday you get to declare ‘sod it’ press yes on the book now button and prepare for a girly trip filled with more cocktails, dancing, pool parties and of course even more shopping. There was even Britney. I die.


Ah birthdays – granted this happens on an annual occurrence however last year’s shindigs were truly fab. With a Saturday night spent at the karaoke with close friends (my new favourite activity) followed by a day out in London enjoying the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory theme afternoon tea and a frolic around the London Transport Museum, it was one of the best weekends and made getting another year older that much easier.


2014 was also a pretty big year for AGAABB. Daily posts continued however I widened my content net and delved into a few new categories. I’ve put more time into my photography, switched up how I share things and overall am really proud of this little space on the internet. A few milestones were hit on the Bloglovin follower count and you make it all worth while. Thank you for your incredible comments and support – it well and truly means the world to me *internet hugs all round*