Can you actually believe that it’s the weekend before Christmas?! Usually at this point the auto reply is firmly activated and I’ve started perfecting my indent into the sofa, this year however I’ve still got a couple more days before I crack open the cheese and watch reruns of old Christmas films. Although I don’t have as much time off this year it’s still enough to switch off, relax in some festive trousers and catch up with old friends. The Christmas parties are taking their toll (now three down with the final one tonight) and I’m looking forward to long snoozes, cuddles with the cat and enough roast potatoes to prevent me from walking. OH YEAH CHRISTMAS YEAH!

This Week I’ve Been…

Looking out over perfect Winters days – with a bright crisp blue sky, a slight chill in the air and a view out over the shard, cool winters days are some of my absolute favourites

Indulging in Christmas parties – gotta love a photo booth at the annual work Christmas party! Luckily this one was minus a three course meal (my trousers are already a struggle!) but it was a brilliant night giving us a chance to let our hair down and celebrate an incredibly busy year

Sneaking in a present for myself – the problem with ‘popping’ into Liberties at lunchtime is that you spot the palette that dreams are made of across from you on a counter and you just haaave to pick one up for yourself. Swoon alert!

Remembering having a kitten this time last year – doesn’t she look so darn tiny and cute!? Kittens grow up far too quickly but luckily my cat still has the same spirit and playful attitude which is a joy to see. Just need to stop her from continually trying to climb the Christmas tree…!

Decorating my room – it’s not just the living room that gets a spot of festive cheer, I’ve cracked out my mini plastic tree thats got a butterfly as a fair and some blue twinkly nights to ensure that Father Christmas doesn’t get lost trying to find me :)

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