I think I’ve overdone Christmas. Not sure whether that is actually possible but to get me through a stressful week at work I’ve been singing Christmas cheer rather loud for all to hear. Starting form the 1st of December I’ve worn a different pair of festive socks for every day of the week (no joke) and I’ve already indulged in my first Christmas dinner at a work party, three more to go! We are starting the wind down to the much needed break and although I’ve been flustered trying to balance a demanding job, I’m looking forward to the time off to sit on the sofa with my cat and eat as many roasted potatoes as physically possible!

This Week I’ve Been…

Bringing the luxury to my shower – on a dark morning the thought of jumping out of bed and into a cold shower makes me want to hide away under my duvet. To make the task that bit more indulgent I’ve been using the Origins ginger duo to lather up and leave the most gorgeous scent on my skin

Donning a bold lip mid week – to hide a multitude of sins (aka slightly too many drinks on a Tuesday evening) a bold lip distracts from the dark circles and gives a bit of colour and oomph to my complexion

Attempting a big room clear out – ah the joys of owning too much stuff! Although this is more of a Spring task I’ve been trying to downsize the amount of ‘things’ I’ve stored away in my room. Why I still have my year 7 French exercise book from school is mind boggling so I’ve been ruthless and the clear out has begun

Wearing festive jumpers – after sticking to my Christmas socks throughout December I jumped into the spirt of Christmas jumper day yesterday at work and wore my most bold Primarni offering. Isn’t she a beaut!

Getting on the glitter train – not only do my feet have that festive cheer, my pedicure also resonates the season. Donning the glitter and amping up my manicure routine, it’s all about those shimmering sparkles to bling up the working week

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