big hair three

The Big Hair Three – when most people pop to the shops the day after Boxing Day they have their eyes on the sale racks whilst they try and sniff out a bargain. Then you have me, stocking up on my core styling products. It’s a hard life when all three give out their last spritz of life whist you are trying to get ready on Christmas Eve #21CenturyProblemsAye. So instead of eyeing up the discounts and ogling the half price gift sets I remained restrained and stocked up on my big hair three, the power collection that keeps my tresses looking styled, textured and in place.

The Pricey – one of the most expensive little bottles you can find (especially when it’s gone up by a pound, Oribe don’t think I didn’t notice!) it’s my one true love the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. Saved for special occasions and days when my hair is as flat as a pancake, a few spritzes transforms lacklustre tresses to those that mimic a Victoria Secret runway model. Now onto to third or forth bottle you know it’s love.

The Everyday – on an daily basis I turn to a more budget friendly option, the L’Oreal Paris Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray gives that everyday texture and hold without breaking the bank. Sprayed directly at the roots your hair or throughout the lengths, lifeless locks are transformed with lift and hold that locks in volume throughout the day.

The Holder – once you have your style in place a light spritz of hairspray ensures that your expertly created look stays in place throughout the day. My new favourite is the deliciously scented Fudge Urban Ice Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray. Now onto my second bottle (which is impressive for a hairspray) this gives firm hold without making your tresses crispy with the ice raspberry & vanilla fragrance masking that unpleasant hairspray scent.

What are your big hair three when it comes to looking after your tresses?