origins ginger

Breaking news – I’ve made showers glamorous! We associate pamper routines, lazy Sunday evenings and cold Winters with a warm bath brimming with bubbles and relaxing oil however I’m a believer that showers can be just as luxurious. The speedy version of baths, instead of heading to the tub for a pamper routine I’ve found a couple of products that inject that relaxing atmosphere into my shower. With rich ginger scents, delectable formulas that transform tired and dull skin, there is a new duo in my life that have taken over my bathroom!

Kicking things off with a scrub the Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub* is one of the most luxe scrubs I’ve encountered. Gone are the pots where you dig away at the product only to loose the lid from your soapy hands, instead you get an indulgent formula that melts into the skin to buff away dead skin cells. The consistency is more akin to honey, thicker in texture it can be applied with ease and it leaves your skin super soft after a single application. Fragrance wise this hits all the right notes, the rich ginger scent lingers on the skin and fills the room around you. It’s scrub love over here!

After exfoliating comes washing and to ensure the ginger scent sticks around its time for the Origins Ginger Burst Savoury Body Wash*. Boy oh boy does this stuff smell good! A rich formula that lathers up on your skin you have lemon, lime and bergamot all added to the ingredients list to keep things smell fine. Again this has a thicker consistency compared to most shower gels so you know your skin is getting some much needed TLC. Teamed with the scrub you are left with some seriously smooth skin that lasts throughout the day.

*pr sample