condition locks

The fight for soft, sleek hair is one of those battles that feels never ending. Thanks to the changing of the seasons, my constant desire to dye my hair and the subsequent need to dry it with heat when washed, my ends are looking a tad undesirable. After a recent switch up in my haircare routine I’ve finally gained the upper hand in the fight against the frizz. My tresses hold their shape and now glisten in the light with their new super sleek powers. Thanks to my love of dry shampoo those dry days will always sneak back but now I have a power pack of products to banish it away.

The shower is where it all begins oer you saucy minx as it’s the first step of my haircare routine. Recently I’ve gone bold with the conditioners and embraced the treatments, from a protein mask to a daily moisture fix there is no excuse for my locks not to ooze silky shine. Starting with KeraStraight their Protein Mask* gets slathered from root to tip religiously every week. Its magic in a pot and gives the impression I’ve spent a lotta cash on a posh Brazilian straightening treatment.

On those inbetween days it’s all about the Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner* Lightweight for my fine textured hair this keeps my split ends in check whilst ensuring I retain any bounce and volume. Out the shower and it’s time for styling products, I’ve always been a bit of a floozy with this step however I’ve finally seen the light. Thanks to the KeraStraight Rescue Creme* each fibre is coated in a protective shield to help them survive the elements whilst retaining their new sleek look.

Before heading under the dryer the final step is a spritz of the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence* This prevents breaks, protects hair and conditions all whilst avoiding that dreaded crunchy feeling. Available in 250ml and a mini 60ml bottle, this has quickly become a staple item in my haircare routine. Finally my tresses can be catwalk ready with their enviable sleek locks taking centre stage.

*pr sample