18th July 2010, 12.22pm, the day and time my first blog post was published into the digital universe called the Internet. Entitled ‘Welcome to my Blog’ this sat on a site that looked incomparable to what you see today (and even lived under a completely different name!) Now hidden under the safeguard of the draft feature, the first steps were made and over four years later, with daily beauty posts going strong for almost two of those years, I’m still here and loving blogging more than ever. A hobby and passion of mine this community and creative medium never ceases to amaze me and I’m constantly left in awe of the joy it can bring me on a daily basis.

Blogging has changed vastly over the years and has evolved into platform that is so powerful it gives traditional print media a run for it’s money. With my little blog ticking along in the background what keeps me coming back? Running a site even this size is no mean feat with content creation, image editing, brand management and any attempt at HTML coding keeping you busy. That doesn’t even include the crazy social media side of it all, whoever said blogging was easy clearly hasn’t tried ;) That being said, with a pinch of dedication mixed with a bucket full of passion you can keep a site alive and make it a place to be proud of.

Now it’s time to turn the tables on you – if you are a blogger, what keeps you investing and growing your site day by day? If you are an avid reader of blogs what makes you come back to your favourites and which posts do you enjoy the most? Looking back over my blog fills my heart with a warm glow of being able to see what my hard work has created. It may not be perfect but it’s me and I love this site and you for reading it :)