If you ever need a sign of someone being broken – just look at me this past week! Last Monday I had one of my first migraines which resulted in me squinting around the office and bowing out early. This Monday just gone I walked in after having done my back in at the weekend (not a good look) and today I bring to you *drum roll please* a sore throat! Overworked at all? ;) Back at school and still throughout my working life, I’ve always found the weeks before Christmas to be the most stressful. Everything has to be done before the holidays start and just before the workload ramps up the virus, colds and flus start to run round the office on a weekly occurrence. The chance of a break is next to impossible but the good news is…. six working weeks left!

This Week I’ve Been…

Getting organised for Christmas – a colour scheme for the tree has been decided, decoration buying is commencing and I may have even brought my first Christmas present!

My attempt at Halloween – although it might not have the ‘fear’ factor I had a lot of fun piling on the makeup, trying a few new tips and tricks and dressing up for the big night

Christmas is a coming! – the lights are up on Oxford Street, the festive cups are in at Costa and the Christmas adverts already have be sobbing at my desk. Although in previous years November was far too soon for the holiday season, this year I can’t seem to get enough!

A cheeky little blog feature – if you haven’t seen already, but I’m sure you have as Anna is the queen of the super chic blog Vivianna Does Makeup, I was featured on there last weekend sharing my best beauty bits. Take a read over here

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