Feeling under the weather is just the worst – all you want to do is go outside and frolic in the sunshine but your body refuses to corporate and instead you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself in bed. Although this gives ample opportunity to watch everything your heart desires on Netflix, it doesn’t get you back on your feet and feeling fit as a fiddle. To aid in a speedy recovery I rely on a few cold saviours that help me to return to a more normal state when all I want to do is hide away from the world.

The Virus Fighters

As soon as that tickle begins at the back of your throat, head for First Defence. This kills the cold virus to prevent it from turning any worse and fends over those nasty runny noses. If it’s a sore throat you have and you aren’t a fan of strepsils, try the Ultra Chloraseptic spray to numb your throat without the need of a sweet. The blackcurrant flavour helps to mask the taste but as it’s a spray it dissolves away in seconds to leave behind a numb throat with little pain. I always have a mini anti-bac gel by my side too to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the house, my favourite is the Soap & Glory Hand Made that smells scrumptious.

Pamper Treats

Run yourself a bath and pop on a face mask – instant relaxation and a chance to unwind. I opt for a fizzy and bubbly Lush Bath Bomb to fill the room with a soft sweet fragrance, this not only transports to you a land filled with sweets and bubbles, it helps to fight that nasty blocked nose. Once in the bath I also pop on a face mask to help ensure my skin doesn’t resemble a dull grey slab of concrete. The Aesop Parsley Seed Mask is a great all rounder that gives my skin the TLC and attention it needs.

Radiance Boosters

When it comes to complexion, although I don’t pile on the makeup when I’m unwell, I do opt for a couple of lightweight yet radiance boosting products to give life and vitality to my dull skin. The Diorskin Nude BB Cream is foolproof and an ease to apply, a tiny amount blended in with your fingers gives a tad of colour to your face whilst masking any imperfections. A heavy duty lip balm is also essential and the Bite Agave Lip Mask keeps everything soft and subtle until the cold goes away.

What are you go to products whenever you are feeling under the weather?