new skincare

New products – enough to get any beauty junkies heart racing. A bevy of fresh faced products landing in the beauty halls, they promise to give you everything you wanted and more. Striping pack the technical jargon, sales pitches and PR bumf, it’s time to see whether they standup against their peers and are worth the pennies written in their price tag. Call this a first impressions if you will, let’s see what some of the latest launches have to offer.

Antipodes Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream*

New in from the New Zealand skincare mecca, this is the perfect Winter saviour for dry or parched skin. A combination of plant oils replenishes the area and provides intensive nourishment to last against the elements. With a gorgeous fragrance this is a joy to apply and I’ve been slathering it on my body every morning. No tacky residue is left behind and it keeps my skin feeling soft and supple throughout the day.

Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum*

I am a bit of a serum floozy and struggle to keep one in my daily routine, either down to lack of  excitement or sheer forgetfulness one has never stayed pride of place. A serum that has managed to wangle it’s way in is a new sensitive offering from Trilogy. Created for intolerant and easily irritated skin this restores the area to a calm and hydrated state whilst helping to reduce any redness or inflammation. So far two big thumbs up from me.

Origins Make A Difference Night*

Ah Origins, one of my all-time favourite skincare brands. Already a big fan of their Make A Difference range I had a feeling we were off to a good start with their new night release. Promising a rich and fast acting cream that visibly corrects, repairs and hydrates overnight, I was intrigued. Although I am on the fence in terms of their correction claims, this does help to prevent me from awakening to any new dry patches on my face. It ensures my skin is left feeling supple and hydrated for the day ahead.

Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush*

Award for most delicious smelling lip product goes to…….Nivea! Even with my blocked up head cold I adore this stuff. Considering it is also as cheap as chips, you really can’t go wrong. The lid is a little okay near on impossible to open but once you have, you will have a tough job trying not to eat the entire thing. Nourishing levels are up for question but taste facts means I’ve licked off far much more then I should have. Whoops ;)

*pr sample