essential tools

As much as I pour over beauty counters, stare adoringly at rows upon rows of blushers and enticing shadows whilst dreaming over the perfect skincare routine, the tools behind the products is where most of the magic happens. Understandably their aesthetic appeal doesn’t always compare but without them my makeup would look more haphazard. Day to day I rely on a handful of tools and nifty products to aid my beauty routine and ensure that everything is kept looking spick and span. Today – the tools get some shining light and their hard work is finally applauded.

Starting with the obvious, makeup brushes. How I got by before them boggles my mind! Akin to the hunt for the perfect foundation I like to switch up my brushes to see whether they can improve or speed up the application process. Currently my loves lie in the form of the Moxi Angled Buffing Brush* and the NARS Yachiyo Brush #27. The angled Moxi brush buffs concealer in to leave it undetectable on the skin and my complexion looking flawless. Moving over to the NARS brush, which not only stole half my pay cheque #hellopricey, it also is the best brush I’ve found for blush. Yes, it sheds like a mother trucker but it manages to place the colour so perfectly whilst leaving the most natural finish.

In terms of everyday tools it all comes down to your hair, nails, brows and lashes. For my tresses the Wet Brush combs through knots, tangles and wet hair without any tugging or discomfort. Miles better than the tangle teezer this is my most used beauty tool. In terms of nails it’s all about the glass nail file, ignore the crystals up top as over two years on it’s still going strong. It prevents my nails from splitting and ensures you don’t have a bin filled with emery boards. Finally – eyes. Recently I invested in a pair or Mini Slant Tweezerman Tweezers and I finally get the hype. They effortlessly pick up every hair so I don’t look like such an unkept dog when I go back to the threading salon, brow management has never been so easy! To complete the look it’s the Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler from Tarte*. These beauties open super wide making it incredibly easy to grab each and every lash. Resulting in lashes curled to perfection it’s almost like you don’t need mascara ;)

*pr sample