hair perfume

Welcome to the day where I dedicate an entire post to a hair perfume. Excessive? Potentially but boy is this little wonder product deserving of the glory. Before the praising review begins, lets get the negative point out the way – it’s a pricey little sod so best reserved for those days when you feel like treating yourself or have a birthday wish list looming. If it gets handed to you wrapped up with a bow on top, that person doing the gifting deserves a big old cuddle and medal for being so stupendous. Pennies aside you can’t deny that this is a beaut, from the packing all the way through to the ingredients this hits chic haircare on the head (giggles).

Brought to you from cult Swedish brand Sachajuan, their range of simple yet effective products results in a range that exudes sophistication. No fuss packaging or branding they cater to a multitude of haircare types whilst maintaing a modern edge. The new hero Protective Hair Perfume* is a multi-use product that not only refreshes hair with a light floral fragrance, it also moisturises tresses, reduces static and adds shine all whilst providing UV-protection. A true wonder item I’ve been hooked from the very first spritz. You only need a small amount to see a visible difference just be careful not to spritz it straight into your eye like I did ;)

*pr sample