Anyone else currently running on autopilot? My daily routine consists of these exciting activities; wake up, go to work, come home, hold the cat for as possible before she runs off, head straight to bed hoping to get in as much snooze time as possible before the alarm goes off and I have have to do it all over again. There is more to life then this right? Before I start getting all philosophical which no one needs on a Saturday morning I am going to cut this short and instead encourage you to keep reading to find out where the best steak ever happened. It was so good I had to put it in bold and may have even dreamt about it too…

This Week I’ve Been…

Chloe’s new sleeping behaviour – with the colder weather settling in Chloe has been going round the house trying to find new places to keep her warm and toasty. Her latest find is with her back on the sofa, a blanket over her with her head slowly falling off the edge. Bless

Sundays aka Byron Day – after shopping up a storm in Westfields (aka finally buying some decent Winter boots) the best treat to round off the day is a delicious burger bursting with avocado…mmmmm. Oh yeah totally got a milkshake too ;) Whoops!

Can you tell I need a haircut? – with work taking over all my weekday hours my hair is starting to get a little out of control. My fringe attacks my face daily and when I opt for a top knot I might as well be rocking a skunk costume. Hairdresser. Please!

The. Best. Steak. EVER! – Warning. It costs an arm and a leg. Second Warning. After going you will spend you waking hours calculating how you can afford to go back. Hawksmoor is incredible. The most tasty and delicious steak I have ever had with sides that were buttery perfection. Topped off with one too many glasses of wine and great company I’m sad it’s already over

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