Birthday weekend is a GO! Technically the festivities commenced on Thursday night for a round of steak and wine after work that were both delicious, nothing quite like indulging in a slab of red meat to start off a birthday (that didn’t sound quite as odd in my head!) Last night I hot footed my sleepy self over to a comedy night with some old Uni friends and today it’s all about nails, pampering and rest before the big night ahead. My actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow which I will be spending with my family, so tonight is the big night out! There will be karaoke (I kid you not) and cocktails and a chance to don a dress and heels there is no chance of me being able to walk in. Birthdays seem to come round so quickly now and I’m lucky to be able share my aging years with a great group of friends laughing over the year spent together.

This Week I’ve Been…

Disturbed by Fred – has anyone else seen the new Homepride advert and been worried by the fact Fred ended up in the bathroom with the mum?! If they wanted to get people talking about the advert – it’s worked a treat but man is it a bit odd and I question if everyone really should love Fred!

Eating roast dinners – with the leaves becoming crisp and falling off the trees it’s the perfect excuse to start back up Sunday roast dinners, they are so delicious it’s hard to say no to them!

Laughing at comedy night – I don’t often go to comedy nights for fear of being mocked from the stage a la Miranda in Sex and the City. Last night however was brilliant and I had a good old chuckle watching some fab comedy acts

Pre birthday Sephora indulgence – I know I know I’ve only just step out of the US and already I’ve placed a Sephora haul. Just look at this beauty!! It’s hard not to want to snap up this fantastic set which comes with a massive bundle of lip options that will have every wine look and berry lip covered through to the New Year

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