Well isn’t this long overdue? I’ve jumped right slap bang into the YouTube hype of Lush and bought up a bevy of bath fizzers and buttery comforters. Lush is one of those phenomenons that has quite literally washed over my head and passed me by. I’ve dabbled with a couple of their products in the past but it’s been a long time coming for a bathtastic haul to appear on these dear pages. Finally the moment has happened, I’ve elbowed my way past the horde of teenage girls and snapped up a small collection of bathbombs to step up my pamper routine.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Starting with the obvious Christmas addition I just couldn’t resist this cheeky chappy ;) Once added into the warm bath this turns your water a festive red which develops its way into a bright green shade. Combined with the sweat scent of Snow Fairy I don’t think this will be the only Father Christmas bath bomb that I will be buying this year!

Blackberry Bath Bomb

Bergamot and frankincense is unleashed in this bath bomb that helps to relieve any built up stress or tension. Once the fizz has subsided the waters wash away the work blues and leave you feeling refreshed. With it’s relaxing properties and hint of frankincense oil this bath bomb will leave you feeling like you’ve just visited a top London spa.

The Comforter

A bubble bar bursting with berry goodness this fills your bath with a fruity foam and you only need half a bar to infuse your tub with airy light bubbles. Long lasting and delightfully scented this is a true classic that leaves you feeling refreshed and with a new sense of calm.

Candy Mountain

This pyramid bubble bar not only looks an utter delight, it creates a magical pink mist in your bathroom that transports you to a sweet and sugary land of goodness. Crumbled under the water each bubble is left glistening as the candy scent fills the room. With vanilla offering comforting properties and pink water swirling around you, there isn’t much more you would need from a fun and relaxing bath.