disappointing products
Disappointing products

Following on from a positive round of favourites yesterday I’m taking a 180 beauty turn and balancing up the karma wheel with a couple of disappointing products. I don’t like to be a negative Nancy (sorry Nancy) here on the blog but when I come across a product that I regret spending my pennies on, it’s only right that it gets a shout out too. Starting off with hair I picked up the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo on a whim, a fan of all things dry shampoo a new release means that naturally I have to give in to my curiosity and try it out. Housed within a big can and promising ‘aussome volume’ I kid you not this was quite frankly horrible. Harsh words I know, but justified. If you are looking for you hair to become a solid mass of birds nest that holds it’s position wherever you place it, then this is the stuff for you. Gone are the soft smooth tresses you once had and forget about running your fingers through you hair, with this stuff you might loose one. Even airing on the side of caution when you spritz doesn’t help. My advice – stay away.

The next disappointment comes in the volume of an entire brand, I’m sorry Olé Henriksen but I just do not get you and neither does my skin. I picked up their take on the much loved balm cleanser and although gel in consistency, I felt like it did nothing. Used initially to remove makeup it struggled to breakdown foundation and mascara hardly budged. I transferred it’s use to a second cleanse yet still I felt very little difference in my skin. After expecting great things from the brand I was left disappointed and wanting more. I also purchased a mini intro kit to try out the brand but everything has sat unloved as the results they gave were minimal. Maybe I am being a tough critic and need to spend more time with the products but so far, they leave a lot to be desired.

Have you tried out any of these products and had better results? Any tips on using them to reap their full benefits?