tarte blushers

If you’ve ever pondered over which Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush to pick up, wonder no more. Their colour selection is pretty epic with over 15 shades to take your fancy, choosing one to take home can be a tough decision and is something I’ve struggled over many a time! Taking into consideration my rather epic fan status of all things Tarte, it comes as no surprise that I have a fair few of their blushers in my collection. Sitting pretty as one of my fav blush brands of all time I’ve managed to rally up an impressive four to choose from on a daily basis. Yes, they are all practically the same shade but considering the amount of use they get, it’s all justified ;)

Blissful – top left

One of the only Tarte blushers that is described as being a shimmer, this is least pigmented shade that I own and gives a soft dusting of a warm peach glow to those cheeks. The colour payoff gives the same vibrant life as a coral, yet it looks more muted once applied. Perfect for everyday use this gives life to the cheeks without being too overpowering.

True Love* – top right

The newest addition to the pack, this is the deepest shade I own from the Tarte powerhouse and gives the strongest hit of colour when applied. With deeper red undertones this works great as an Autumnal blush to give those cheeks a pinch of colour to mimic the natural flush you get once you have been on a country stroll donned with wellies and puppies. A little goes a long way but it has quickly become my seasonal blush pick.

Tipsy – bottom right

This shade doesn’t need any introduction, the most famous colour from the brand this has received a whole lotta love from the beauty community and it’s no surprise why. As you can see from the massive dent in the pan this is my favourite and longest standing Tarte blush. It’s bright coral colour gives life and lift to any complexion and it’s a staple shade that I reach for time and time again. Tipsy – I love you!

Fearless bottom* – left coral pink

Shocker this blush also falls into the pinky peach coral bracket, can you tell yet what my favourite shade of blush to wear is? This is described as a coral pink and in my eyes falls slap bang in the middle of Tipsy and True Love. It has those slight pink/red tones of True Love yet gives cheeks that coral hit that Tipsy does so well. This blush is more suited to those who desire a more natural hue for their cheeks whilst still wanting to perk up their complexion.

Although this collection is sitting strong with four shades, it will only be a matter of time before I add Exposed into the mix ;)

*pr sample