autumn bases

Those smart and savvy people may have spotted something a little bit different about today’s beauty musing, yes there is a picture of makeup ready and waiting to be discussed but who has spied the tag of today’s post? Blast From The Past is one of those long lost features that back in the day was reserved solely for the resurrection of unloved beauty products. Although the selection of items standing pride of place in todays post are very much loved, they have been brought back to the land of the present and reignited into my daily makeup routine following a bit of a switch up. Shocker – it’s time for my Autumnal base transition!

Summer – light bases packed with glow enhancing dewy goodness mixed with a hint of colour. Sorted. Winter – moisture inducing picks that bring luminosity to the skin whilst leaving a more satin finish. Got ya. Autumn – ….? Dark nights, depletion of Vitamin D and those oh so cold mornings result in lacklustre skin that boarders on the grey and drab side. Sexy. My summer bases aren’t holding up anymore however I’m not quite ready to reach for the fuller coverages. Instead it’s in-between season and I’ve got a selection of foundations that guide me through these changes and leave my skin looking refreshed and ready for the day no matter what the weather.

Illamasqua Skin Base – one of my most staple base picks, I’ve counted on this foundation for a number of seasons and it’s never let me down. Sans SPF this is the perfect partner to a night out when cameras and flash back could be an issue and it’s been tried and test to last through many a power ballad singalong. It gives coverage yet looks light and natural on the skin and is a dream to blend. I also mix this with more dewy foundations to give a hint more coverage and longevity and it’s never reacted in a negative way.

YSL Youth Liberator – the big foundation launch from last year, this has been sitting in the back of the cupboard since the warmer weather came into town. A serum foundation this works were the BareMinerals & Laura Mercier counterparts fall short as it doesn’t have that greasy or oily texture when applied. Able to mask over dry patches instead of clinging to them and making them more obvious, this gives a subtle luminosity to the skin that breathes light and masks those tired eyes.  The coverage is buildable and with a touch of powder it can last throughout the day.

Origins Plantscription – back in the realms of 2012 this was my HG foundation. Initially used in this exact transitional period, it lasted through to summer and was the only base you would find on my face. It ticks all the boxes; coverage without looking cakey, imperfections vanish, shade match is on point all whilst blending seamlessly into the skin. Since picking it back up it’s been my go to pick and daily foundation essential. Sitting pretty in the middle of the YSL and Illamasqua this is a combination of the best parts of each of those bases and is something everyone needs to try.