How can I come to Vegas and not do another rundown of places to visit and things to do ;) This trip has been a 180 in comparison to the one I had with my mum, we have stayed in a much bigger hotel with 4 pools and a casino and needless to say we have experienced more of the notorious Vegas nightlife! Considering it was just myself and my friend on this holiday I thought I would let you know what it’s like to visit Sin City as a group of girls, whether you are going for a Hen party, birthday or just travelling with one of your besties, here is my Vegas lowdown!

Stay somewhere central – although the prices of the hotels are steeper I find you save more on taxis and feel safer walking out at night knowing you are mere moments away from your hotel. If you know the shops and shows you want to visit, try and pick a hotel near that and stay close to the action so you know that everything is on your doorstep.

See Britney. Words can not express how out of this world it was to see her in the Vegas lights. If you can tie in your trip around a performance you will not be disappointed! Yes she doesn’t sing live and her dance moves were questionable but come on guys – it’s Britney Bitch!

Make sure you have time to shop. Although you will be wanting to spending most of your time by the pool (but really consuming more pancakes then you thought humanly possible) you still want to make the most of all the bargains the city has to offer, even if it is just a swing by the Sephora at the Venetian which is hands down the best one along the strip.

Take your meals home with you. Might sound obvious but with portions being so huge in the States, make the most of the takeaway boxes available. Even if you think you won’t want it later you never know when the munchies might creep up on you. This will not only save your spending on food, you hotel room will always be stacked up with snacks.

Naps – I know how could you nap when you are in one of the most alive cities but these are invaluable. A cheeky couple of hours before you head out for the night will keep you feeling rested and ready to hit the town running. Naps in the sun always lead to sunburn in my case so save these for when you are in the comfort of your air conditioned hotel room.

At the end of the day you no matter what you do you will have a great time! Walking out at night with my friend whether it was the middle of day or night felt safe thanks to all the hundreds of lights. Whatever your plans may be – you will have one of the best holidays :)