Booking a holiday can bring a whole new level of excitement to your diary, each day passed is another day closer to the moment you fly and you know that a break is on the horizon. Whether is be a beach holiday, city escape or travelling adventure, your mindset can focus on the escapades due to unfold as opposed to the work emails filling up your inbox. In the run up to a holiday I am calm and collected, booking in to get my eyebrows threaded, making sure I have a shellac manicure, ya know all the necessities to make sure I’m ready for a trip away ;) The area where I become a panicked mess is when it comes to putting my possessions into a suitcase, I just can’t seem to do it. Suddenly I develop the need to take everything I own away with me and decide that all the items I’ve ignored for the past six months are going to become necessities. To help keep things a bit more calm and collected here are my top tips when it comes to packing:

  • Decant, decant, decant
  • Mini’s are your best friend
  • If you don’t usually wear a purple shadow on your lids, chances are you won’t start on holiday
  • Think about what looks great with a tan
  • Multi-use products
  • Brush essentials that are also multi-purpose
  • Tops that transition to the evening
  • You will never go wrong with a lightweight jumper
  • If you can’t lift it you’ve packed too much
  • Comfort is key
  • Time to opt for that waterproof liner and mascara
  • Do you need three different primers? *hint* you don’t
  • If it does’t fit – do without
  • Don’t forget your pants

Pictured above are my essential travel bags: a fold out bag with a hook and compartments – you must for a trip over 5 nights. A structured leather bag for a weekend away somewhere nice. Your slouchy but roomy bags that can fit the world and are perfect for a panic packer like me ;)