edit highlighters

Recently I’ve become highlighter obsessed – something about the effortless glow and shimmer they impart onto your cheekbone looks super flattering in pictures and when the sun hits your face during the day. Whenever I remember to pop one on I can instantly see the difference and make a mental note to wear it everyday. Yes, upon initial review it may seem like an unnecessary extra step, however even the lightest of dustings will make a visible difference. When I was looking through my highlighters the other day I realised how many I’ve manged to pick up and use daily, time to delve into the highlighter edit!

The Everyday Essential – Benefit Watt’s Up Face Highlighter

Finally, this hyped up soft focused highlighter is in my mitts, it’s been a longtime coming but I finally caved to it’s golden champagne glow that lights up any complexion. I use my ring finger to apply this to the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone and center of my nose before foundation. This then blends out to leave a delicate glow behind that looks subtle yet picks up the light.

The Glow Getter – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

I remember the day I purchased this, I had incredible buyers remorse after the deed was done as the price tag isn’t the most purse friendly. On the website, you can be easily mistaken that the colour of the palette is grey and dull however as soon as you see it in person it comes to life. This packs a lot more glow compared to most highlighters so a delicate hand is essential, but for those special evenings or days when you need a bit more oomph to your face, this is all you need.

The Illusive Collection Piece – Chanel Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder

Don’t hate me for including this, I know I know you can no longer purchase it but I would be doing a disservice to this dear highlighter edit if I left it out. It’s Chanel, it was limited edition and it’s gorgeous. So much so that the intricate design they embossed on the front of the product is well and truly gone *sobs*. This gives the most natural and stunning shimmer to the face and thanks to it’s limited edition status this is solely saved for special occasions.

The Super Sparkle Shimmer – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

If you are not afraid of a bit of sparkle then this will be your new BFF. The chunks of glitter are quite apparent in this highlighter and unfortunately no matter how delicate you are they can’t be avoided, but this doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most cult highlighters on the market. Yes it receives a marmite response, some love it and couldn’t be without it whilst others can’t stand the shimmer it leaves but I say embrace it. If you are looking for a highlighter that gives you glow and then some, it’s all wrapped up inside this MSF’s shimmery veins.