Ah the joys of travelling – hordes of people packed into a small space, unlimited waiting around, plane food and the biggest treat, delays. Usually a delayed flight is music to my ears, especially when you are surrounded by gorgeous sunshine, shops and delicious restaurants. However for an overly obsessive organised person like myself it means changes, pick up alterations, time without a hotel room and also even more waiting around. Here is how I get through a delayed flight to try and keep myself sane by the time I’ve managed to get back home:

  • Don’t stress, no matter how much you worry there is nothing that can ultimately be done so keep calm and enjoy the extra hours in paradise
  • Inform those that need to know about the flight as soon as the delay is confirmed, whether this be the hotel for a possible late checkout, change the pickup time of your ride back to the airport or simple let the person know who will be meeting you at the other side
  • Pack your plane clothes at the top of your suitcase to change into, having to be in them for a nine hour flight is bad enough so keep a light set of clothes for you to wear before the time comes to head back to the airport
  • Do those extra things you didn’t think you had time to do, last minute shopping, few final rays – get it all in now!
  • Keep beauty essentials top of the suitcase so you can take off any makeup, have a quick shower and refresh yourself before heading back to the airport
  • Final and most important is relax, delays happen and hotels are used to them. Most have changing facilities available so ask ahead of time so you know what to prep :)

See you all on the other side!