When communicating with a group of people through a computer, it can be hard to depict what the girl behind the words is really like. I am no fashion blogger and I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a full length photo of myself on this blog therefore it might be a surprise to some when you find out that I am in fact pretty tall. Above average in height, although I am usually slumped over my mac editing pictures of my face & makeup, I have a long set of pins that reach out below me. Last time I got measured I was 5ft 11 and ever since I was a child, my height has remained in the higher percentile. Towering over my friends and most of the boys I’ve never had skinny long limbs so have adapted to my height in different ways. For any of those other long legged and torso gals out there these are a few of my tips that have gotten me through the years:

  • Don’t be afraid of heels, although they will add to the height they help you stand tall with confidence
  • Some boys are going to be shorter then you. Fact
  • Just because your tall doesn’t mean your legs will be skinny and that’s ok
  • You will learn to love jeans
  • Dresses will be a saviour when it comes to balancing out your proportions
  • You will stack it out of a nigh club in Kurt Geiger heels. Yes, those are too tall for you
  • People being shocked by your height will never end
  • Shorts will always be your problem clothing #nakedalert
  • You are going to feel awkward in full length photos and stand to the side to ‘enhance your angles’
  • Not being able to shop the trends isn’t all that bad and you will learn to use it to your advantage
  • You will always have a good view in gigs
  • Being stealth will never be your forte – at least I still haven’t mastered it
  • Sleeping bags. Just no
  • Always be careful when bending over in a skirt
  • Embrace the height as you will always be one of the first to know when it is raining ;)