fudge urban

Finally, Thursday has rolled into Friday and the glorious weekend is lingering up ahead on the horizon. If you are anything like me, Friday nights are a prime evening in the social calendar, giving you a chance to catchup with friends without the doomed 6am alarm call looming in the morning. Most of my Friday nights involve Netflix and myself, zonked out by 9pm on the sofa so classy but whenever I do have more exciting plans to look forward to the après work makeup comes into play. Thanks to primers, setting sprays and powders my makeup is usually exactly where it should be as 6pm rolls on, however the problem lies within my tresses. They have a habit of becoming flat and lifeless as the day wears on and they need a bit more attention in order to hold a style.

To aid in prolonging any life and volume in my hair, I’ve found a good hairspray is invaluable. Not one that turns your hair into a helmet and leaves you flammable, instead I mean one with flexible hold that helps in keeping body and bounce without compromising on shine and texture.  Currently my style holder pick comes in the form of this Fudge Urban Ice Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray*. Not only is it a bargain find, it smells as utterly incredible as it sounds. Providing anti-frizz and strong hold this keeps my hair in place whilst letting it move freely throughout the day. It’s a bargain find as will only set you back £2.48 in the half price Fudge Urban sale and the iced raspberry and vanilla scent is as delicious as it sounds.

No trees were harmed in the making of this blog post ;)

*pr sample