Do we have to admit that summer is now over? *sobs* Back in the day I used to despise the warm weather, strong words I know but I honestly used to dread the period of time when the temperature dial would increase. Why? I was an odd little child ;) But needless to say times have changed and I’m struggling to say goodbye to the longer nights and warmer days. Luckily I may have a sneaky holiday booked in the diary that is looming oh so soon. Fingers crossed it’s a good’un ;) With the cooler days taking over I’ve lost a bit of my beauty inspiration, not ready to embrace the berry shades I’ve got stuck in a rut. Maybe I’ll just have to do a good old Boots dash to get makeup love back in full swing!

This Week I’ve Been…

My new phone case is officially cooler than yours – this is what happens when you scroll through Etsy late at night. I now feel like the coolest kid in school and am utterly in love with this phone case

Okay maybe I haven’t completely fallen out of love for my makeup – all you need is a big night out to reignite your love for makeup. It also makes you realise just how many expensive products you actually own (shame alert)

Wishing I was still drinking ciders in the sun with my beautiful friends – I feel like last Sunday was the final day of summer and I’m so glad I got to spend it on Bournemouth beach with a brilliant group of people sipping on cider. Simple pleasures are the best

Bournemouth – having not returned to my old hometown for a fair few months it was nostalgia overload on my recent trip. It’s nice to see that some places never change and it’s always welcome to see the blissful sea and inviting sand again

Sharing my new BFF with the world – I felt like it was only right to share this with you here considering we have been Instagram official for over a week. Yes, this is my new BFF fo lifeee and our friendship is already running strong. He may not be a man of many words but he has always got my back

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