Do you ever find yourself wishing time away but instantly regretting it as moments are so precious and fleeting? It’s been a bit of an odd week this week, I can’t pinpoint why exactly, maybe it’s due to the shift in the air and changing over of another season. The the cooler breeze has brought along a tide of reflection and the ending of Summer makes you think about those memories that are starting to drift away. After the beginning of the year being zapped away to the confines of an office, future calendar plans have me counting down the weeks until all the excitement starts up again. Living in the now is what is to vital in the social media driven world and it’s time I try and remind myself to do whenever it slips away :)

This Week I’ve Been…

Ogling over men on bikes – in the smallish town I live in it’s rare for any big or exciting events to take place, let alone run straight through us. On Sunday the Prudential Ride London race was held and just before the rain poured, a pack of men zoomed past our humble highstreet and zipped off to Dorking.

Switching up the fizzing drinks for a more healthy option – trying to keep the desires of Cherry Coke (oh baby) down to a minimum I have been trying out the range of Little Miracle drinks and boy are they delicious

Wolfing down a delicious bowl of Thai food – in Soho with a wonderful friend. Topped off with cocktails and lots of gossip it’s the perfect Friday night!

Keeping up with the blog – with work kicking up a notch and the hours starting to creep back up, it’s all about balance and organisation when it comes to this dear space. Although I am more absent on social media, isn’t reflected here as the daily posts are still going strong :)

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