This Sunday’s post is a dedication to Bournemouth, an ode if you will. The town in which I went to Uni, where I got my first step on the career ladder and the place where alotta shiz went down. This seaside town is known for it’s gorgeous beaches, student dominant town and great nightlife. I know I’ve done a few posts about Bournemouth in the past but considering I have just revisited my second home for the first time in almost a year, I figured this was a worthy cause. If you have gone away to University or moved away from home, you will usually find a very special place in your heart for that new town you settle in. Bournemouth for me was not just the town in which I did that, it was also the place where I met some of my closest friends, found out the most about myself and did a lot of growing up. Oer it’s getting deep here people!

Bournemouth has changed over the years, the club life has died down slightly but the indie bars and shops have been popping up to replace them. There is a large community which is vast and diverse meaning that you will always feel welcome and part of something whilst living there. Although the town centre is bursting full of shops and restaurants, if you travel a little further afield you will be graced with the joys of Alum Chime, Sandbanks and a personal favourite of mine Castlepoint. Whether you want to pop out for lunch, do some damage to your credit card or simply relax in the gardens, there really is something for everyone. Just 2 hours on the train from London and you can be galavanting around Boscombe or delving into the world of Charminster. Also, on a summers day with some of your closest friends and a cheeky cider tent – there really is no where else better to be.