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Dr Bronners Magic Soap

I have a confession to make, and it’s gonna make me sound like a pretty bad beauty blogger, hold onto your hats for this one! Although I have a penchant for makeup brushes and therefore spent a fair few bucks on the ones in my collection, when it comes to washing them, I use hand soap. Now I don’t know if this is a really taboo thing to say or not, in my eyes it’s soap so surly it can’t be that bad, but after a much loved Sigma brush gave up the ghost and became shed city I figured I should start using something a bit more caring for my dear brushes. To up the anti and give some TLC back to my dear brushes, I’ve picked up the Dr Bronners Magic Soap.

A cult soap within the beauty community I decided upon the Citrus Lemon offering to give my brushes a good wash and leave them smelling scrumptious afterwards. Compared to washing with hand soap, I instantly noticed that Dr Bronners created an impressive lather from when I first swirled my brush in the soap. This lather removed almost all of the makeup from the brush, even on stubborn stippling foundation brushes and only on a couple of brushes did I have to double wash. To get this level of clean you only need a small amount of soap and you still achieve this impressive lather.

Although my brushes took a while to dry, as they do with any deep clean, I found that afterwards they were left super soft. No bristles were lost throughout the process and they retained their shape once fully dried. This soap contains nourishing coconut and olive oil so you know it isn’t going to leave your brushes feeling stripped or dry. Although I was initially dubious of the ‘magic’ powers this soap contains, I am super impressed with how it has left my brushes. The hand soap has been firmly relegated purely to the task of washing my hands and for me, Dr Bronners is the way forward.